Our Produce

Our Produce

In The Larder

Preserves: Bottled Fruits, Jams, Tomato Pastes.
Sweets: Fruit Pies, Ciambellotto, Apple Tarts, Ciambelle di Mosto, Almond Biscuits, Trifle.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Herbs.

From our Kitchen

Olive Fritte all'Ascolana, Cremini, Home Made Bread, Sauces.

From the Vegetable Garden

Peaches, Plums and Melons
Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables


Lamb, Goose, Rabbit, Chicken.

Vini delle Marche - "Montorso"

Vino Rosso "MaiDesi"
Vino Bianco "Montorso"
Vino Cotto

Enjoy a red or white wine made from grapes harvested right at the agriturismo. The red is made from a combination of Sangiovese and Montepulciano grapes to give the desired taste for that vintage. The wine is made without additives and will be very pleasing to your palate. It is medium bodied with moderate tannins and balanced acidity that complements all types of meat and pasta dishes. 
The white wine is made from Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes harvested just when their ripeness becomes perfect. This wine has a hint of sweetness with tastes of honey and citrus. Excellent with fish, cheese and pasta made in a white sauce.

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AGRITURISMO MONTORSO - Via Bucchiano, 14 - 63020 Monterinaldo (AP) - P.IVA 01512590447

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